Hemlock is a village in the Salt Lake Township that was established in 1872. This historical mining town has a population of around 155 people. Hemlock received it’s name for the grove of Hemlock trees that grew near the original town site. This village is a great place to submerse oneself into nature and escape the chaos of day to day life.

Village of Hemlock
8810 Main Street SE
Hemlock, OH 43730
Email: villageofhemlock@yahoo.com

Governing Body

Mayor: James R. Knippa
Phone: (740)621-0923
Email: hemlockmayor.knippa@yahoo.com

Fiscal Officer: Christina Knippa
Phone: (740)621-3992
Email: villageofhemlock@yahoo.com

Council President: Kelly Duffy

Council Members:
Ethyl Crane
Nicol Williams
Brandie Duffy
Robin Thompson

*Village Council Meetings are held the 3rd Saturday of each month @9:00AM unless stated otherwise!* **Meetings are subject to change** Meetings are held in the Village of Shawnee Village Hall(Old Firehouse)
136 E Main Street
Shawnee, OH. 43730